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re: Transmission Incoming


This is the Adjutant, come in Raven's Nest.


Apologies for the mess, things are a little bit hectic given the current state of affairs, but let me assure you that we are indeed making good progress. Valkyrie Darmanda has found a location in an largely run down and abandoned part of Kaas City - a largely forgotten apartment complex that was abandoned due to shifting war resources by the Ministry of Logistics. With the help of our Archivist, Lord Qurset, we were able to secure the funding needed to get the building refurbished and completed for our use.

The building is for the most part, up and running, but parts of it remain closed off as construction continues in secret. We are in the middle of moving the weapons, supplies, and communications equipment in, so things will be a bit chaotic for now.

Our operations cannot be revealed just yet, the handlers and I will send out a transmission when that time comes. The directives at this phase are simple.

1) Complete Base of Operations - We cannot truly coordinate as an organization unless we get our refuge set up and ready in order to do that we need:

  • Funding (We have a guild vault in case we come across a large supply of credits or goods we can sell on the market for the things we need.)
  • Equipment (We have this for the most part nailed down, we just need to wait until one of the handlers can hack the vendor's ledgers to remove any and all trace of the transactions)
  • Supplies (Food, ammunition, medicine)
  • Weapons and Armor (Darmanda is making contact with some of the Mandalorian elements of our organization as we speak, in addition I've also enlisted the services of one of our Ravens to help get this all set up.)

2) Recruitment - We need a maximum of 5 additional individuals inducted into our organization - no less. Given our standing and lack of acknowledgement from other organizations within the Empire, this will be somewhat difficult to achieve, in addition we are on the run from enemies that seek to destroy us from within.

All enlisted members and the handlers have recruitment rights, but be extremely discreet and selective with who you recruit, our enemies are everywhere.


That is all I have, we'll send out another transmission as soon as the objectives are satisfied.

Adjutant out.


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